• Myanmar’s First Marketing Research Company

    Myanmar Marketing Research & Development (MMRD) Co., Ltd has been established in 1992 as Myanmar's first Marketing Research Company and Producer of Yangon Directory (Yellow Pages). MMRD Research Services is a key part of the company which provides various researches with 250 full time staffs and 200 part-time project staffs. MMRD has opened 24 branches in major cities of Myanmar. MMRD Research Services performed over 400,000 door-to-door interviews and 6,000 focus groups over 20 years.

    In 2014, MMRD Research Services has changed its strategies and divided into two separate groups according to specialties. Business Insight and Social Insight are currently active in MMRD Research Services while the former Consumer Insight, Market Insight and Media Insight have become a new organization as Nielsen MMRD.

    • Current Portfolio

      Industrial, Business and Social Research business units offering a wide range of Syndicated and Customized Research Services

    • Base of International and Local Clients

      Over 200 multinational and local companies have entrusted us with their industrial and social research initiatives and government ministries utilize our research services for policy decision making.

    Our Services

    Recent Activity

    21 January 2014

    Seminar on Myanmar’s Integration into International Economy: Challenges and Prospects

    ORGANIZER: Bangkok Research Center (BRC), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and MMRD Business Insight

    VENUE: UMFCCI conference room 3rd Floor

    U Aung Min (Research Director, MMRD), "Export-oriented growth strategy for Myanmar"

    Mr. Koji KUBO (Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO), "Foreign exchange market structure and dollarization in Myanmar"

  • Business Insight

    Under the MMRD Research Service Group, Business Insight Department was established in April 2007. MMRD’s Industrial Research Department was merged with the MMRD’s Business Magazine. The result was a department that specialized in Business and Industrial research (BI). MMRD-Business Insight has conducted over 100 BI research projects in previous 7 years. BI clients impressed the department and team due to conduct B2B interviews, official interviews and various types of business and industrial researches. Services provided by the BI department are:

    Services provided by the BI department are:

    • Industrial overview - Industry nature and situation and key players and key players information and industry prospect
    • Business Analysis - Industry size, nature, trends, current situation, key players analysis and, their performance and strategy and industry forecast
    • Feasibility Studies - Business Analysis plus market feasibility study including regulations, infrastructure, land, labour etc in order to establish a new business
    • Industrial research- Policy oriented or policy recommendation reports for international organizations and government ministries
    Research area coverage by Business Insight

    Sector wise- Trade, investment, transportation, logistic, telecom, labour, industrial, agriculture , etc

    Product wise- most industrial products and consumer products , pharma products except alcohol, beer and cigarette

    During 2007-08 to 2013-14, Business Insight has conducted 57 business research projects for its business clients such as international and local companies. BI conducted 45 industrial research projects and industrial clients such as World Bank, ADB, ILO, JETRO, JICA, BRC, ERIA etc.

    Syndicated Reports

    BI produces syndicated reports for new clients

    • 1. Myanmar Tourism Review 2013
    • 2. Business and Investment Opportunities in Banking & Finance 2014
    • 3. Doing Business in Myanmar 2014
    • 4. Living Guide in Myanmar 2014

    Business Publications

    BI produces syndicated reports for new clients

    Monthly Business Magazine for Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI)

    Other services

    Arrange seminar and workshops

    Training package

  • Social Insight

    Department has been conducting community and grass roots based research projects for over a decade. To date, the MMRD- Social Insight has conducted over 125 Social Research projects for UN agencies and various Non-Governmental organizations since 2000.
    Services provided by the SI department are:
    • Baseline Studies (Before project intervention)
    • Impact Monitoring Studies(During project intervention)
    • Program Evaluation Studies (End of project intervention)
    • Participatory & Rapid Rural Appraisals (anytime according to requirement)
    • Feasibility Study (Project feasibility study for NGOs)
    • SIA (Social Impact Assessment for oil and gas and infrastructure projects)
    • Other services- (Partial services-Project training, Pre-testing, field data collection, data entry and processing, reporting)
    Social Insight conducted the following types of projects for UN and international organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank, ILO, etc) and INGOs;
    • 33 health related researches
    • 21 WASH projects
    • 16 agriculture related researches
    • 40 socio-economic surveys (including development studies and rule of law)
    • 12 Livelihood
    • 5 child related projects
    • 4 Media projects
  • Our Visions

    • To be the best information provider in Myanmar which answers the needs of our clients.
    • To have the best working systems which develop our staff to enable them to contribute to the success of our company.

    Our Missions

    • To be regarded by our clients as both expert and professional.
    • To create the best possible working conditions for our staff.
    • To have staff who are creative, innovative and independent in the way they work and think.
    • To continually develop services which will be appreciated by the business community.
    • To be a one stop information provider for all the services associated with commercial research.
    • To be socially responsible in trying to develop our community.
  • Our Resources

    It is managed by a qualified, experienced and well trained staff.
    • Managers
    • Research Analysts/ Research Executives
    • Supervisors
    • Interviewers
    • High end computers connected with wire and wireless network system
    • ESX Servers (Virtualization Technique) in which Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 15 TB NAS Storage Server (Open filler), Squid Proxy 3.0 (Linux), Open Filer (Linux) and Microsoft SQL Server 2005/ 2008.
  • Executive Team

    U Moe Kyaw (Peter Thein)
    ( Managing Director )

    Mechanical Engineer from Westminster University, London and came back to Myanmar in 1990; over the last 20 years has worked extensively in marketing services. He introduced and developed the first yellow pages, set up the first multinational ad agency and research agency.

    • Secretary of the National Economic Social Advisory Council (NESAC) Which is the President's advisory council;
    • Central Executive Committee of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, serving as a member since the federation was formed in 1999;
    • Founder of Rotary Myanmar
    • Member of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council
    • Treasurer of the Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT), Which is a non-profit organization aiming to conserve Yangon's heritage building for the future
    • President of the Entrepreneur Association
    • Founder of Several trade associations including the Automobile Industry and Trading Association and the Myanmar Retailers Association

    U Aung Min
    ( Research Director )

    M.B.A , Yangon Institute of Economics, Myanmar (1998), HGP (Law) Public Services Commission (1980), B.Sc (Maths), Yangon Arts & Science University, Yangon. (1979)

    Over 24 years services in military, Sr. Researcher of the Office of Strategic Studies and retired from army in 2004 at the position of commanding officer (Lt. Col). Authored more than 100 concept papers on economic development in Myanmar.
    He has 10 years of experience in developing, analysing and managing research related to business, social and international development issues in MMRD since 2005 and has led over 150 business, industry and social research projects in Myanmar.

  • Management Team

    Business Insight

    Mr. Ahkar Soe(Research Manager)

    BBM (Finance and Marketing) Singapore Management University, Singapore

    Mr. Myo Win Tun( Manager - Business Research)

    BA ( Myanmar), with MMRD since 2005. Experienced in Business and Industrial Researches and handled over 40 projects across the country.

    Mr. Phyo Kyaw Thu (Senior Research Executive)

    MPA (Institute of Economics), Has been with MMRD since 2007 and took part over 30 projects.

    Ms. Nang Hnin Shwe Yi Htoo( Jr. Research Executive)

    MBA (Institute of Economics), Has been with MMRD since 2012 and took part over 5 projects.

    Social Insight

    Mr. Ye Thaung Htut, Head of Social Insight

    He received M DevS and M Econ, YIE, He worked with Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development , UNDP , JICA and IFRC. He has worked with MMRD since July 2012.

    Mr. Wanna More, Research Manager

    M.Dev,(YIE), MSc (Strategic Business Management) Crown University (UK), Post Grad Diploma in Strategic Business

    Ms. May Thwet Hlaing (Manager - Quantitative of Social Insight)

    M.Econ (Statistics)

    Mr. Win Thein (Manager - Qualitative of Social Insight)

    MA (Psychology)

    Dr . Kyaw Lin (Sr. Research Analyst)

    M. B., B. S (1986), D. P. M (1995)

  • Head Office In Myanmar


    9th Floor. Building.(C), New Mingalar Market,
    Corner of Set Yone Rd (Mill Road) & Banyardala Rd.,
    Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp,Yangon, Myanmar.

    Tel :

    (951) 202126,201350


    (951) 202425



    Representative Office In Japan


    503, Matsudo 1339-1, Matsudo City Chiba 271-0092, Japan


    (+81) 47-710-0092

    Our Map In Myanmar

  • Career Opportunities


    MMRD is currently hiring for the following careers opportunities

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